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152 rue saint denis
75002 PARIS
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Cocktail Bar | PARIS

Audren Dimitris and Chef Manolis Giorgakis (Rhodes, Gr) are pleased to present the new Greek Mediterranean Fusion experience in Paris.

Lovers of true Ikone Paris favors fresh seasonal produce, respecting the taste and authenticity of every thing, while astonishing the taste buds with seasonings "sweet" or spicy, distant reminder of these escapades Gustatives or clashes east and west.

Ikône conceives the table as a moment of sharing, of pleasure, an open door to privileged human relations, smiling, exotic without betraying the codes of tradition. It is an invitation to travel and exchange, an outbreak of flavors. More than just a restaurant, it is an ancestral adventure that is essential to you.

Ikone can be wise at lunch or dinner, but intoxicating the afternoons and especially the 18H sounded ...
The basement indeed hides a cocktail bar true sanctuary of the first men. Our mixologist, a modern-day alchemist, takes you on a journey of initiation and sharp cocktails to follow Zosimus of Panopolis from Macedonia to Egypt to reveal the secret of the philosopher's stone ...

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